Suprema BioStation L2

IP Fingerprint Terminal

  • Live Finger Detection

BioStation L2 features the Live Finger Detection 2.0 from Suprema. The previous live detection technology analyzes the dynamically changing pattern, liveness feature and unnaturalness feature of live and new fingers. Along with improvements to the existing algorithm, the new detection technology implements liveness decision engine using dual light source imaging. Using infra-red and white light, the engine blocks fake fingerprints made from numerous different materials.

  • Comprehensive Time & Attendances Features

BioStation L2 converges the benefits of biometrics into time and attendance application. The use of true identity will lead to increased convenience and security to users and administrators. Full capacitive touch keypads along with dedicated programmable TA function keys will offer versatility and friendly user experience through full color LCD display.

  • Powerful Quad-Core Processor

BioStation L2 embeds the fastest clocked processor to be implemented in our terminals. Abundance of power is utilized for incredible matching speed that can accommodate enterprise size user database. The processor attributes to performance increase in number of aspects from data transfer speed, enhanced image processing, and quick fingerprint authentication.

  • Intuitive User Interface

BioStation L2 houses 2-inch color LCD with rich colors and visibility that displays intuitive GUI that is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Administrators can easily add, remove, modify user data or access information from the device. Users also can easily access TA functions using the TA function keys and receive feedback right from the screen.


  • Biometrics                        Fingerprint
  • RF Options                       125KHz EM, 13.56MHz Mifare/DESFire/DESFire EV1/FeliCa/NFC
  • Max. Users                        500 000 (1:1), 100 000(1:N)
  • Max. Templates                1 000 000 (1:1), 200 000 (1:N)
  • Max. Logs                          Text: 1 000 000, Image: –
  • Wifi                                      No
  • TCP/IP                                Yes
  • RS-485                                1ch Host or Slave
  • RS-232                                 No
  • Wiegand                             1ch Input or Output
  • Inputs                                 2
  • Relay                                   1
  • USB                                    No
  • CPU                                     1,2GHz Quad Core
  • Memory                             256MB RAM + 2GB Flash
  • LCD                                           2? Color
  • LED                                           Multi-color
  • Sound                                        16-bit Hi-Fi
  • Operating Temperature        -20°C ~ 50°C
  • Tamper                                       Yes
  • Power                                         12VDC
  • PoE                                              No
  • Dimensions (mm)                   71 x 201 x 44
  • ertificates                                 CE, FCC, KC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, BT SIG
  • Software                                   BioStar 1, BioStar 2
  • Aplicaciones                           Access Control, Time and attendance
  • Tecnología Biométrica         Fingerprint

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