Structured Cabling Solutions

Cyber Legend Technologies facilitates our customers with telecommunications infrastructure, irrespective of their complexity in design, construction, and installation so as to meet both their current and future requirements. With expertise in all aspects of network topologies and LAN solutions, Cyber Legend, the best Structured, Network Cabling Solutions & Services in Dubai undertakes Structured Cabling Solutions for different systems. We integrate vital facets such as bandwidth consideration, crosstalk, and cable conformance as well as other important details which are often overlooked like fire protection and cable management.

Our experience in design, construction and implementation, network performance upgrades, network capacity control, optimization, and fair pricing makes us the most preferred Structured network cabling service provider in Dubai.

Our service includes:
● Fiber Optic Cable laying indoor and outdoor for ETISALAT & DU.
● Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, OTDR testing, Power meter testing, Splitter installation, and patching.
● Telecom OSP/ISP and ELV System - Supervision of civil work and network cabling, CAT6 type cable termination.
● Handling site inspection and building survey with creating the report, maintenance & troubleshooting GPON Network, Router & access point ONT, landline installation, and configuring and troubleshooting network.
● Surveying for vertical & horizontal cabling and implementation, structured cabling, and CCTV security system designing & installation.