Panasonic KXTG 6458

2 Phones in 1

Cordless Handset & Corded Handset

Works During a Power Failure

Corded Handset Only

Arabic/Farsi Languages Available

Farsi Calendar

With Caller ID

With Speaker Phone

Conference Calls Enabled

Even though mobile technology has had a widespread impact as far as telecommunication is concerned, landline phones have continued to serve as dependable tools of telecommunication, from the domestic sphere to the professional. The Panasonic KX TG 6458 cordless landline phone is one such phone which is dependable and is laden with features that compliment the diverse needs and meet the dynamic purposes that communication comprises of in these times. With easy dialling features and a robust, ergonomic make that promotes easy handling, this cordless landline phone would be a prudent choice, if you have been looking for one.

Cordless phones

The Panasonic KX TG 6458 cordless landline phone has a cordless make. The indoor range of the phone is 60m from the base unit. The handset can be carried around freely and this availability of space while talking on the phone induces a feeling of free movement, which is appreciable. It has a wide working range from the base unit and is capable of providing crystal clear undisturbed signal within that range.


This panasonic handset equipped with an alphanumeric splash resistant keypad. The keys on the keypad are extremely soft and easy to use. The response rate of the keys is high so you will not find it difficult to key in the phone number while dialling. There are also other keys which either have a designated function like redial or help in navigation. The phone’s handset is also equipped with a monochrome backlight LCD display.

Caller identification and hands free feature

This Panasonic KX TG 6458 cordless landline phone is caller ID compatible. It is also equipped with a speaker with the use of which you can use the phone on hands free mode and speak on loudspeaker.

Phone Memory

The phones phone book memory has a 100 names and number capacity. The phone also has speed dialling facility.

Handset locater

The handset is provided with a handset locater, which helps you track the device if you somehow misplace the handset.

Design and colour

Complete with a modern and sleek look, the phone looks stellar. It has a black make which looks stunning. The compact make of the base unit not only adds much to its look, but also improves accessibility and handling, thereby adding on to utility features.

Type – Corded Phone

Model Name – KX TG 6458

Network Types – Digital

Telephone Line Support – 1 Line Support

Speed Dialing – Speed Dialling

Conference Calls – Yes

Display – Digital Display

Caller ID Feature – Caller ID Support

Missed Call Notification – Yes

Keypad – Alphanumerical

Phonebook – Entries 100 Entries

Talktime – 20 hr

Range – 60 m (Indoor)

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