Panasonic KX-NT 511

HD Voice

1-Line LCD Display

3 Flexible CO Buttons

Full Duplex Speakerphone

2 Ethernet Port

Included AC Adaptor (KX-NT511 A Only)

PoE (KX-NT511 P Only)

Main LCD Display (Lines/Characters)

KX-NT511 P – 1/16

KX-NT511 A – 1/16

Flexible CO Keys

KX-NT511 P – 3

KX-NT511 A – 3

Ethernet Port

KX-NT511 P – 2-port (10 /100Mbps)

KX-NT511 A – 2-port (10 /100Mbps)


KX-NT511 P – Yes (Full Duplex)

KX-NT511 A – Yes (Full Duplex)

Eco Mode

KX-NT511 P – Yes

KX-NT511 A – Yes

Wall Mountable

KX-NT511 P – Yes

KX-NT511 A – Yes

Weight (g)*3

KX-NT511 P – 690

KX-NT511 A – 730


KX-NT511 P – Black, White

KX-NT511 A – Black, White

Product Description

A range of options to suit your business. Maximum performance delivered via a gigabit connection.

The KX-NT551 IP telephone delivers exceptional professional performance. It takes you to a new dimension in audio experience, thanks to excellent HD quality audio, combined with easy access to powerful supportive features and applications. The sleek, ultra-modern design, available in both black and white, works well with any office decor.

High definition audio

The KX-NT551 offers best-in-class audio quality, meaning fewer repeated conversations and misheard calls. Coupled with Enhanced Echo Cancellation and an Expanded Acoustic Chamber, the KX-NT551 delivers a superior audio experience to users over handset, speakerphone and optional headsets. It also features wideband-compliant, hearing aid compatible handsets, and built-in, high-quality speaker and microphone.

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