Avaya Hospitality Phone H229 is an IP phone designed for use in hotel industry. It has a single programmable key, wall mountable and built in web management. The IP phone has built-in PoE and the open VPN allows easy and flexible deployment without the need of connecting additional power cables. It allows for straightforward access to most common telephony features. This is a powerful device that helps hoteliers deliver seamless service continuity trouble-free.


PoE support

Keypad dialing

Voicemail retrieval

Call hold, Redial, Transfer, Release

Support advanced security features.

Avaya H229 IP Phone Features

1 Single programmable key

WEB management Auto-provisioning using TFTP/FT

802.af power over Ethernet

Supports SIP, SDP, DTMF transport, SIP INFO and in-band DTMF transport, RTP/RTCP, Peer to peer calling

Built-in audio mixer

Acoustic echo cancellation

Power supply mode: 802.3af

keypad: 17 key

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