TENDA 4G180 V2.0

Tenda 4G180 is a smart mobile wireless hotspot for travel, business trips, outdoor activities or wherever you may be. It supports global mainstream 4G protocol, plug in SIM card then it can be used. 4G180 supports the latest generation 4G LTE network and the download transmission data reach to 150Mbps so that you can enjoy HD movies without interruption, download files in seconds, and hold a video chat without dropouts. Tenda 4G180 is equipped with 2100mAh battery to work for 10 hours(base on network situation and intensity of usage). At the same time, You can easily share photos, music, videos and more files wirelessly, just insert the Micro SD memory card into the storage slot.Meanwhile,Tenda Link App provides the easiest way to manage your 4G180 via the connected Android devices or the connected iOS devices. It allows you to manage your Mobile Wi-Fi’s data usage, battery life ,link speed rate and short message service and so on.



4G Cartgory                                                                      LTE CAT.4

4G/3G Standards                                                            FDD LTE,TDD-LTE,WCDMA

4G Mobile Bands                                                             4G FDD LTE:B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20,4G TDD-

LTE:Band38/Band40,3G WCDMA:B1/B5/B8

Max 4G speed                                                                  DL:150Mbps,UL:50Mbps

Wi-Fi Standards                                                              802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi Frequency                                                             2.4GHz

Wi-Fi Speed                                                                     2.4GHz:150Mbps

Transmission Power                                                      2.4GHz:up to 20dBm

USB Port                                                                          1 × Micro USB port

SD Card Slot                                                                    1 × Micro SD slot

SIM Slot                                                                            1 × Micro SIM slot,1 × Reset hole

Button                                                                                Power on/off,WPS

Antenna                                                                            2 Internal 4G/3G Antennas,2 Internal Wi-Fi Antennas

LED Indicator                                                                 4 LED indicator,4G/3G Signal bar and Internet(4

bars),Battery,SMS,Wi-Fi status

Battery                                                                               Type: Li (rechargeable) Capacity: 3.8V, 2100

mAh,7.98Wh,Working time: up to 10hours (depending on the network,Standby time: up to 100hours

(depending on the network)


WAN Type                                                                        4G/3G

4G/3G Features                                                              Auto-APN,Auto dial-up,Roaming,SMS(Send/Receive/Delete)

Phonebook,USSD,Data limted,Power save,PIN Management

Wi-Fi Functions                                                            Broadcast and Hide Wi-Fi name,Guest network,Internet Wi-

Fi (Extend your Wi-Fi)

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