Cisco ISR4321/K9 is a highly efficient and versatile ICT product that offers a system throughput of 50Mbps-100Mbps. It features 2 WAN/LAN ports, 1 SFP port, a multi-Core CPU, 2 NIM slots, and supports security, voice, WAAS, Intelligent WAN, OnePK, and AVC.

SR4321/K9 Specifications
System Throughput50Mbps-100Mbps
WAN/LAN Ports2
SFP Port1
Management port1 GE (Integated Out of Band)
PoE support (wattage) with
PoE boost
260 W
USB Ports (type A)1
Default/max Flash4 GB / 8 GB
Performance50 Mbps Upgradeable to
100 Mbps
Power supply typeExternal: AC, PoE
Redundant power supplyNo
Form factor1 rack unit (RU), desktop
Cisco Cloud Web SecurityYes
PoE support (wattage)
without PoE boost
120 W

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