The IE-3200-8P2S-E from the Cisco Catalyst IE3200 Rugged Series switch adopts Catalyst IE3200 w/ 8 GE PoE/PoE+ and 2 GE SFP, Fixed System, Network Essentials.

IE-3200-8P2S-E Specification
Hardware specificationCisco IE-3200-8P2S-E
PoE power budget240W
Removable storageUSB, SD card
Alarms2 alarms in, 1 alarm out
Console ports1 RS-232 (via RJ-45), 1 USB Mini Type B
Power inputsDual DC power inputs
FeaturesCisco IE-3200-8P2S-E
Forwarding rateLine rate for all ports and all packet sizes
Number of queues8
Unicast MAC addresses8K
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) multicast groups1K
No. of VLANs256
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) instances128
Access Control Entries (PACL/VACL/RACL)3K
Flash (User Accessible)1.5 GB
SD card capacity4 GB
Jumbo Frames8996 bytes
Input voltage rangeRedundant DC input voltage: 9.6 to 60VDC
48VDC is required for PoE and 54VDC is required for PoE+
Maximum Input current5.5A
Power consumption32W

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