16 Channel NVR with PoE, 2 SATA

System Overview

This network video recorder is a highly cost-effective product, providing

functions such as local live view, multi-screen display, real-time storage

on local HDD, fast operation by mouse, remote management and



New User Interface

The new web and local GUI interface uses flat design which is more

consistent with users’ habits. Functional modules are divided clearer

and easier to understand.

Decoding (Smart H.265+/Smart H.264+)

Dahua smart encoding (H.265+/ H.264+) is the optimized

implementation of (H.265/H.264) codec that uses a scene-adaptive

encoding strategy, providing more efficiency in the encoding process

and higher video quality, and reducing the cost of storage and

transmission significantly.

This NVR supports the corresponding decoding

SMD by Camera

SMD refers to Smart Motion Detection. With Deep-Learning Algorithm,

Dahua SMD Plus filters the motion detection alarm triggered by

non-concerned target and recognize human and vehicle effectively,

sending alarms when human and vehicle intrudes. Extract and classify

human and vehicles from massive video data, easy for end users to

trace historical information and analyze. Human & Vehicle optional for

playback to achieve quick target search, saving event retrieval time.

Security Center

Security Center provides a whole picture of device security and

helps protect the NVR with security scan, attack defense, certificate

management, audio and video encryption and security settings. Security

warnings will be sent trough many ways such as email, message, voice


4K Resolution

4K resolution is a revolutionary breakthrough in image processing

technology. 4K delivers four times the resolution of standard HDTV

1080p cameras and offers superior picture quality and image details. 4K

resolution improves the clarity of a magnified scene to view or record

crisp forensic video from large areas.

Intelligent Video System

Working with IVS-enabled IP cameras, the NVR recognizes and records

video that contains IVS data on all IP channels. The NVR records

standard intelligence at-the-edge features, as well as premium IVS

features that detect abandoned or missing objects, Tripwire violations,

and intrusion violations. The NVR is also capable of recording business

analysis data Facial Detection, People Counting, and Heat Map from IP

cameras with built-in Intelligent Business Analytics

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