2 MP Full Colour Eyeball Camera

System Overview

Experience 2MP full HD color video and the simplicity of reusing existing

coaxial infrastructure with HDCVI. The full-color starlight HDCVI camera

presents a high quality color image with rich details even in total dark

conditions. It offers various fixed lens models with a multi-language OSD

and HD/SD switchable output. It adopts one powerful warm white LED

illuminators, covering an effective range up to 20 m (65.61 ft). The LEDs

switch on automatically in darkness to capture detail-packed full-color

images 24/7, ensuring anthentic identificaiton of objects. It is an ideal

choice for applications such as schools, retail centers and parking lots.


Full-color Starlight

The camera adopts F1.6 large aperture lens and 1/2.8? high performance sensor. With higher amount of absorbed light and advanced

image processing algorithm, the camera presents an impressive lowlight

performance with an exceptional balance between noise reduction and

the blur of moving object.

Warm Supplemental lights

With one warm supplemental LED lights, the camera is able to provide

a coloful and vivid image even in total dark. By default, the camera is

set to smart light mode, in which the camera can automatically adjust

the exposure time and light sensitivity simultaneously to avoid overexposureing of the objects in the image center. Also, the sensitivity and

intensity of the LED lights can be remotely controlled by OSD menu.

Broadcast-quality Audio*

Audio information is used as supplementary evidence in video surveillance applications. The HDCVI camera supports audio signal transmission over coaxial cable. In addition, it adopts unique audio processing

and transmission technology that best restores source audio and

eliminates noise, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of collected

audio information.

*This function is available for select models.

4 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable

HDCVI technology supports 4 signals to be transmitted over 1 coaxial

cable simultaneously, i.e. video, audio*, data and power. Dual-way data

transmission allows the HDCVI camera to interact with the XVR, such as

sending control signal or triggering alarm.

*Audio input is available for some models of HDCVI cameras.

Long Distance Transmission

HDCVI technology guarantees long-distance and real-time transmission

without any loss. It supports up to 700 m for 2MP HD video via coaxial

cable, and up to 300 m via UTP cable.*

*Actual results verified by real-scene testing in Dahua’s test laboratory.


HDCVI technology inherits the born feature of simplicity from traditional

analog surveillance system, making itself a best choice for investment

protection. HDCVI system can seamlessly upgrade the traditional analog

system without replacing existing coaxial cabling. The plug and play approach enables full HD video surveillance without the hassle of configuring a network.


The camera supports multiple video formats including HDCVI, CVBS and

other two common HD analog formats in the market. The four formats

can be switched over through OSD menu or by PFM820 (UTC controller). This feature makes the camera to be compatible with most end

users’ existing HD/SD DVRs.


The camera’s outstanding reliability is unsurpassed due to its rugged design. The camera is protected against water and dust with IP67 ranking,

making it suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. With working

temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F), the camera

is designed for extreme temperature environments. Supporting ±30%

input voltage tolerance, this camera suits even the mostunstable power

supply conditions. Its 4KV lightning rating provides protection against

the camera and its structure from the effects of lightning.

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