Cyber Legend Technologies LLC is a leading cable supplier in Dubai, UAE offering a comprehensive selection of electrical and circuit fitting cables for corporate infrastructure. Our extensive range includes single-core and multi-core XLPE/PVC and AWA armored cables which are designed to provide extra protection to the electrical and circuit fitting cables against physical and environmental damage. In addition to cables, a wide range of network cables and accessories such as coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, UTP cables, STP cables, Ethernet accessories, network tools, and more are supplied by us. 

In today's digital age, cables are an indispensable component of any corporate infrastructure, enabling efficient data and information transfer between computers, routers, switches, and networks. Our high-quality cables and accessories are suitable for various sectors, including education, corporate, health, hospitality, homes, and others.

Best CAT6 Cables in Dubai

At Cyber Legend, we specialize in providing the best CAT6 cables in Dubai, along with a wide variety of other cables and accessories. Category 6 (CAT6) cables are used for transmitting data at high speeds in Ethernet networks. They are commonly used for LANs, data centers, and video surveillance systems. They are available in different lengths and types, including shielded and unshielded varieties.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services that make us the go-to supplier of cable accessories in Dubai. Whether you're looking for high-quality CAT6 cables or other cable and accessory types, we have you covered. We promise to enhance your business connectivity and data transfer requirements.

Manufacturer Brands

* B3 International - A leading manufacturer of custom cables and harnesses for various industries, including aerospace, medical, and automotive. They offer a wide range of cable assemblies, from simple to complex, with an emphasis on quality and reliability.

* D-Link - A Taiwanese multinational company that specializes in networking equipment, including cables, switches, routers, and cameras. Their products are designed for both business and consumer markets, and they offer a range of solutions for home, office, and enterprise networks. D-Link focuses on innovation, performance, and affordability in its products.