SonicWall SuperMassive 9800

SonicWall SuperMassive 9800 TotalSecure -Advance Edition 1yr
Uncompromising, High-Performance, Next-Generation Firewall Protection for your Enterprise Network

Part Number: 01-SSC-0312

SonicWall SuperMassive 9800 TotalSecure – Advanced Edition – security appliance – with 1 year SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite – 10 GigE – 2U – rack-mountable


Processor / Memory / Storage:64 GB


IP Telephony:H.323, SIP

Communications:SD Memory Card

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Scale your security for data center modernization
Scale your security for data center modernization To enable the growing digital business, expectations for IT organizations to lead and deliver value, responsiveness and security has reached an all-time high. Innovative services plus increased data and capacity requirements compel IT leaders to address new operational challenges through data center modernization. SonicWall provides a network-based model for scaling network security to solve complex and demanding data center operations – all at a low cost.

Stop advanced threats with network security segments
Modern threats take advantage of all areas of your network to succeed. In order to stop advanced attacks, networks need to be divided into security segments to contain and mitigate threat propagation. However, defining logical segments is only part of the solution. Effective segmentation requires an integrated, dynamic network security approach to comprehensively enforce the integrity of each and every segment, and do so manageably and affordably.


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