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Enhance security surveillance with best CCTV cameras

CCTV or closed-circuit television refers to a surveillance system that comprises cameras, recorders and monitors. Cameras that are part of CCTV are generally used for security surveillance in commercial and residential environment. In a business you can see CCTV cameras installed in critical areas such as in the entrances and exits, inside office, storage room and others. Another good part is that they accelerate employee performance and productivity within your business.

Enhancing the surveillance experience needs to be the center point of your security strategy. The need for enterprises to adopt state of the art surveillance system is high, particularly in the country like UAE. Though UAE is an advanced country in all aspects, the rate of security adoption with advanced security cameras and recorders are high in the country. Not that the CCTV surveillance is good to deter threats and burglary or to enhance productivity, it provides many other advantages. Let’s take a look at how CCTV’s can be beneficial in various scenarios.


v   Crime Management: CCTV surveillance can deter potential criminals 

v   Disaster Management: Emergency services and rescue workers can assess and monitor events in real time 

v   City monitoring: monitor city happenings and traffic statistics 

v   Medical monitoring and diagnosis 

v   Surveillance of customers in shops

CCTV security mechanism allows you to watch what’s going on in and around your business or home. When it comes to superior surveillance, it is vital to choose high quality CCTV cameras and recorders to ensure flawless security. Depending on the kind of surveillance, various security cameras are available and it includes Dome CCTV cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ pan tilt and zoom cameras, and infrared/night vision cameras and these cameras can be based on analog or IP technology. To enable a high security surveillance for your business in the UAE, it is more important that you choose reliable CCTV traders in the UAE to procure the systems from.


Your reliable trader of CCTV cameras in UAE


Cyber Legends is committed to provide innovative CCTV systems of major brands required to manage and scale up your security surveillance. We are a leading CCTV supplier in the UAE that provides a comprehensive range of varied CCTV cameras and systems, enabling customers to implement state-of-the-art security solutions within their business or residential environment.

We present a broad array of CCTV cameras of different brands including Samsung, Hikvision, Axis, Panasonic, Bosch, Dahua, CP Plus, Sony, and more for outdoor and indoor surveillance. The customer focused agendas and the quality service makes us one of the most trusted CCTV suppliers in the Middle East. In addition to the UAE, we trade CCTV security cameras to Africa, Middle East, Central Eastern Europe and CIS countries.